Email Forwarding from Microsoft Office 365

Connecting a new email channel is the initial step in setting up your Re:amaze account. However, it doesn't end there – you'll need to set up email forwarding to direct all messages to your Re:amaze inbox.

If you haven't started connecting an email channel, navigate to Settings > Email Channels and click "Add new channel." For existing email channels, select "Connect to external email."

Re:amaze will automatically set up a new mailbox/email address. In the example below, the address generated is "" this address is where your emails will be forwarded to.

  • To continue setting up email forwarding, click "Connect my email address."


  • Next, provide the email address you want to use for email forwarding. This should be your current support address. Below that, you will see the email address Re:amaze automatically set up for you. You will need this email address for the next step, so copy it and click "Next."

NOTE: You will be able to send and receive emails from this address, however only your support email address will be visible to your customers.


  • Before moving forward in Re:amaze, navigate to your Outlook account to set up email forwarding.
  • In your Outlook account, click on the gear icon located in the top-right corner of the page to get to your Settings Page.
  • Click on the "Rules" tab.


  • Give your rule a name. In the example below, this Rule's name is "Forwarding."
  • Next, add a condition to your Rule. We recommend using the "Apply to all messages" condition so that all of your emails are forwarded to Re:amaze.
  • Lastly, you will need to add an action to your Rule. Select "Redirect to" and provide the email address you copied from Re:amaze. Then click "Save."

NOTE: When adding your action, it's important that you select "Redirect to." Using the "Forward to" option will not forward messages to Re:amaze.


  • Head back over to the setup page in Re:amaze and click "Yes, I've completed forwarding." You should quickly see a message confirming that email forwarding has successfully been set up.


Office 365 Group Distribution List

Used when you want to send email to group of people without having to type each individual recipient's name, distribution lists are organized by a particular discussion subject (such as “Marketing”) or by users who share common work that requires them to communicate frequently. They also provide a way for you to automatically forward email to multiple email addresses.

Distribution lists are sometimes called distribution groups.

Follow the instructions listed here:

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