Step 4 - Creating Your Avatar

Customers want to know who they're talking to and interacting with. Being professional yet personal is a key element of success in customer support.

Re:amaze is great at helping you be transparent about who you are and what your brand represents. When you reply to customer messages, Re:amaze appends your picture, or avatar, to the outgoing message. Your customers will immediately recognize who you are and they'll feel comfortable talking to a real human being. Your avatar is also available for customers to see through the Shoutbox or Lightbox Embeds (embeddable chat widgets). This makes your customer service seem extra friendly!

By default, Re:amaze pulls your avatar from Gravatar (if you have one). You may choose to override this default by simply uploading your own image. We recommend uploading your avatar as soon as possible. Here's how:

Click on the "Settings" tab and select "Personal Settings" on the left hand side. Under "Avatar", choose to upload a file.


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