Step 2 - Inviting New Staff

Adding more staff members is a great way to get acquainted with Re:amaze's notifications system and message distribution system. Each staff member can easily receive notifications for incoming messages and customize their own experience inside the Re:amaze dashboard.

To add a new staff user, click on the ⚙️Settings tab and click Staff on the left hand side. Then, click Add Staff.


Input the following information:

  • Staff Name: Name of the staff user displayed internally within Re:amaze
  • Display Name: Name of the staff user that will be shown to customers
  • Email Address: Used for logging in and staff notifications*
  • Department(s): The department or staff group you want the user to be a part of (supported on Plus plans)
  • Role: The role and permissions that you want to assign the user (supported on Plus plans)

* Ideally, the Email Address will be the staff’s personal work email (e.g. The staff user will also have the option to use a different email address for email notifications in ⚙️Settings > Personal Settings > Profile.


Re:amaze is a shared inbox so when customers email, the message is distributed to individual staff members assigned to that channel. When a staff replies, you can choose to show either the staff’s display name, your email channel name, or your brand name as the sender name ("From" name), making for a more personable experience. However, the staff email address is purely internal and will not be seen by customers.

⚠️Troubleshooting: A staff member didn’t receive the account invitation email

When you add a new staff user, they will receive a welcome email from This will allow them to log in and create a password.

If a staff member didn’t receive the welcome email, please have them check their spam or junk folder. You can also re-send the invite by going to the ⚙️Settings tab, then clicking on Staff > Actions > Re-invite.

If it still doesn’t work, please reach out to or send us a chat for further assistance.

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