Connecting Your Custom X (Twitter) App to Re:amaze as a channel

Migrating from Twitter to Custom X (Twitter) App

Following the recent changes at Twitter, Re:amaze is no longer able to support the native Twitter channel integration as detailed here. Moving forward, Re:amaze will begin support for connecting to your custom X (Twitter) application to pull in posts and Direct Message interactions. Your X (Twitter) application will need to be at least on the Basic App tier and registered as an X (Twitter) Project within the X (Twitter) Developer Platform. You can learn more about X Apps and X Projects here and here.

Is Twitter the same as X?

Yes. Twitter announced a name change to X in July 2023. now redirects to The company’s logo has changed to “X” from what was once a bird logo, and the app now appears as “X” in the Apple and Google app stores.

When did this change take effect?

Twitter suddenly removed its API access on 8/24/23.

Can I get my Twitter connection back?

Your Twitter account's connection to Re:amaze is no longer supported.

Creating an app within your Twitter (X) Project and locating your API Key and Secret Key:
  1. Create an X (Twitter) Developer account
  2. Create/Register an X (Twitter) Project within the X (Twitter) Developer Platform
  3. Create an App within your X (Twitter) Project

Before moving on to step 4, make sure that you have provided a callback URI. To do this, navigate to Projects & Apps > Your Project > Apps > App Settings > User Authentication Settings.

On this page you will need to provide this exact URI in the Callback URI/Redirect URL field:

Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 9.24.49 AM.png

4. You must subscribe to at least a X (Twitter) Basic App Tier (Free App Tier will not work)
5. Obtain your X (Twitter) Developer Consumer API Key and Key Secret from under the Consumer Keys section of X (Twitter) Developer Account
6. Navigate to the developer portal
7. Expand the "Projects and Apps" dropdown in the side navigation
8. Open the app you want the API key and Secret for
9. Click on the "Keys and tokens" tab


Connecting your Custom X (Twitter) App to Re:amaze as a channel:

To connect X (Twitter) to Re:amaze, navigate to Settings > Social Channels. Click "+Add Social Channel" then select X (Twitter).

Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 11.02.33 AM.png

Enter your X (Twitter) API Key and Secret. Proceed through the authentication flow and click "Authorize app." Keep in mind that the App you're connecting to will not look like Re:amaze, but your own X (Twitter) App.

Screen Shot 2023-08-25 at 11.02.46 AM.png

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