X (Twitter) Channel No Longer Supported - Official Sunset

Due to recent changes to X's (Twitter) policies on third-party Application Programming Interface (API) integrations, the ability to connect your X (Twitter) account to Re:amaze is no longer supported. This means you will no longer be able to access your Twitter account in Re:amaze to receive and respond to tweets directly from your Re:amaze dashboard.

X (Twitter) ended free access to its API and dramatically changed the terms and pricing of the API. We’ve attempted to work with X (Twitter) in good faith to negotiate terms, but we haven’t been able to reach an agreement. This is the reason why the  X (Twitter) connection is no longer supported.

Still want to connect X (Twitter)?

Moving forward, Re:amaze will begin support for connecting to your custom X (Twitter) application to pull in posts and Direct Message interactions. Your X (Twitter) application will need to be at least on the Basic App tier and registered as an X (Twitter) Project within the X (Twitter) Developer Platform. To learn about how to connect X (Twitter) to Re:amaze as a channel, please read this article.

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