Email Notifications

Email notifications will make sure all relevant agents are alerted when new messages arrive.

Conversation Notifications

Echos - When you reply to a customer message via the Reamaze web/mobile UI, you might want to synchronize the conversation thread with what's available in your email. Click this check box if you wish Reamaze to echo all replies sent through the web UI back to your email.

Participating - If you are participant in a conversation thread, it makes sense that you want to stay in the loop about what's being said. Alternatively, if you're a support manager and simply want to be able to see what's being said without being notified through email about new messages, you may un-check this box.

Assigned - If you're assigned to a conversation thread, you probably want to be notified about new messages. However, if you don't want to be notified via email, you can un-check this box. You will need to log in in order to see new messages.

Channel Notifications

You may choose which channels you want to subscribe to for email notifications. Only unassigned conversations will trigger email notifications.