Adding Recipients to a Conversation

To simplify your workflow, Re:amaze has done away with the concept of CCs. Instead, when responding to customers from your Re:amaze dashboard, you can easily include additional recipients by clicking into the reply header and entering their email addresses. If you have already communicated with the recipient previously, their name will automatically populate as you type.

NOTE: Re:amaze does not currently support adding Bcc recipients.


If you're replying to a Re:amaze conversation via email notification, you may continue to use the CC field and Re:amaze will automatically add them as a recipient for the next reply. However, you can choose to manually add anyone as a participant by using the #add:[]( syntax to add then as a recipient.

You can forward conversations to third parties recipients as well. Forwarding recipients only have permissions to participate in that specific thread. Customers will not be able to see replies from forwarding recipients and vice versa.

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