Ideal setup for proper email lifecycle

Re:amaze works best when each staff user/agent is registered and has their own email addresses connected. Each staff user should respond from their own emails to the notifications sent by Re:amaze. Re:amaze takes care of routing emails properly back to the original customer.

Here's what a potential email lifecycle looks like after forwarding has been set up and staff emails have been added.

Flow Diagram


  1. Customer Frank sends an email message to your company's email address
  2. Once Frank's email is received, it is forwarded to your Re:amaze email channel address
  3. Once Re:amaze receives Frank's email, the system sends out a "New Conversation" notification to EACH of the staff members in your Re:amaze account who is set up for notifications, based on their individual notification preferences. Notifications can be send via Desktop, Mobile, or Email, depending on staff preference. In this case, John, Kelly, and Chris each receive a Re:amaze email notification about Frank's email.
  4. Either John, Kelly, or Chris can reply to Frank's email by replying directly on the Re:amaze email notification. They can also reply to the conversation on the Re:amaze dashboard if they receive a desktop notification and/or iOS/Android mobile app if they receive a mobile notification. Nobody should reply to Frank's email directly from, which is the origin inbox used for forwarding.
  5. Your staff member's reply is collected by Re:amaze and any signatures are processed. The message is then sent through Re:amaze, or Custom SMTP.
  6. If you're using Custom SMTP, the message is then routed through to your company email address
  7. Finally, the message delivered to Frank The final email to Frank has a "From" address and name matching the channel preferences (you can also choose to use staff name vs channel name). Any signatures are also appended by Re:amaze from the staff's individual signature settings.

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