Tracking & Managing Push Campaigns

After a Campaign is sent, Re:amaze Push Campaigns will display the total number of your audience that received the notification as well as the bounce count. As a Push Campaign is sending, the system detects when a member of your audience is no longer subscribed to notifications from your domain, and counts that towards the bounce count of that campaign. In the example below, of the 8,300 push notifications sent, this campaign was received by 8,150 audience members, and 150 did not get notified by this Campaign because they are no longer subscribed.

Push Campaign metrics

In addition to this, Re:amaze automatically appends on UTM parameters onto your Push Campaign's primary link if not already provided by you. This allows you to see any traffic driven to your primary link in Google Analytics. The default UTM parameters appended are below:


Similarly, Re:amaze automatically appends on UTM parameters to any button links that you add to your Push Campaign, and these default parameters are:


After sending a Campaign, you can check Google Analytics for these UTM parameters to see the traffic driven to your site via Re:amaze Push Campaign!

Deleting your Push Campaigns

If you need to delete past campaigns, you can do so by clicking the "Delete" button located under the campaign title, next to the "Duplicate" button. When you delete a campaign, Re:amaze will confirm that this is the action you wish to take. If a deleted campaign has already been sent, the total number of campaigns sent will not change.


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