Using the Main Dashboard

The main dashboard (also known as the main inbox) is where all of your customer conversations live. It's also the main view you'll be using on a daily basis to interact with all of your Re:amaze brands, the channels that belong to those brands, view filters, tags, and other features like reporting, articles, live dashboard, contacts, quick actions (such as reminders, merging conversations, running workflows, moving conversations) and bulk actions. In short, the main inbox dashboard is your friend!

Left Hand Side Features


Clicking on the "Inbox" button or the Re:amaze logo will always take you to the main dashboard. Re:amaze remembers (sticky) which view filters (discussed below) you were previously using so don't be alarmed. To release the sticky, simply click on "All Conversations" in the view filters list.



Chats is a Plus Plan feature that enables classic live chat features such as customer queues, live chat office hours, and session based messaging. See this article for how regular live chat (also known as real time messaging) differs from classic live chat.



Clicking on "Reports" will take you to a list of enabled reports for your account. Reports are key metrics collected and calculated to give you or your teammates an overview into the overall performance of your customer service team. To learn what each report means, see this article.



Clicking on "Articles" will take you to the FAQ area of Re:amaze. This is what you'll use to create and organize your frequently asked questions content. To see how to create and use your FAQ, see this article.



The Live Dashboard is a Plus Plan feature that enables you to browse for customers that are currently online. Clicking on "Live" will take you to this dashboard. To see what the Live Dashboard looks like, see this article.


Push Campaigns

Clicking on "Push" will navigate you to the Push Notifications page. Push Notifications are a simple way of communicating with your users who have opted in for notifications from your website. Check out this article to learn more about Push Campaigns.



Clicking on "Contacts" will take you to Re:amaze CRM. It's a repository of profiles for every customer that has ever contacted you whether through email, live chat, social media, or SMS. Clicking on a contact profile will show you the customer's various identities, conversation history, data attributes (customer notes), and other relevant integration data. See this article for more.



Quite self explanatory this one is! You can access the settings menu where you can manage things such as channels, staff, brands, notifications, and much more.


Feature Updates

Click on the lightbulb icon to read the latest feature updates in Re:amaze. We update Re:amaze on a daily and weekly basis so don't miss out on important updates that can improve your quality of life!



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