Set Up Push Campaigns for BigCommerce

Installing the Service Worker

For your Push Campaigns to reach your subscribers, you will need to install a snippet of code on your store. Specifically, you are installing the Re:amaze service worker, which will be loaded on your customer's browser when they subscribe for push notifications. When you send a Push Campaign, Re:amaze will communicate with this service worker to display a push notification on that subscriber's device. Neat huh?

Step 1: Download the our javascript snippet

Download our javascript file here. You will upload this file later to your BigCommerce store.

Step 2: Login to your BigCommerce store

In your BigCommerce store, Go to Server Settings > File Access (WebDAV).
File access

Step 3: Sign in via your WebDAV client

Use the details from the previous step to sign into your WebDAV client. The pictures below are going to be using CyberDuck, which is a free cloud storage browser.
FTP sign in

Step 4: Select folder via WebDAV client

After you have successfully signed in, open the "content" folder.
Content folder

Step 5: Upload rmzServiceWorker.js to the content folder

Upload the file downloaded in Step 1. Make sure that it is named "rmzServiceWorker.js".
upload rmzServiceWorker.js

Now, the contents of rmzServiceWorker.js should be accessible on your store's domain. So, if your domain is, the above snippet would be loaded under The Re:amaze service worker is now installed on your BigCommerce store!

Next Step: Re:amaze Embeddables

Your website must also have a Re:amaze embeddable or Base Installation Script installed. For more instructions on how to build an embeddable for your store, you can look at our article here. Once this is done, Re:amaze will be able to collect your customer's push tokens and add them as subscribers to your Push Campaigns!

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