SMSBump: How-To

Integrating SMSBump with Re:amaze

To enhance your customer support and communication, you can integrate your Re:amaze account with SMSBump. This integration allows you to seamlessly connect your SMSBump dashboard with Re:amaze, providing you with a comprehensive solution for managing SMS campaigns and customer engagements.

Getting Started

To begin the integration process, follow these steps:

  1. Access the SMSBump dashboard through your Shopify account.
  2. Click on "Apps" and then select "SMSBump Marketing & Automation."
  3. Navigate to the "Integrations" tab within the SMSBump dashboard.
  4. Search for Re:amaze in the list of available integrations.
  5. Before proceeding, you will be prompted to provide your Re:amaze brand identifier and a shared secret.

Re:amaze Brand Identifier and Shared Secret

Finding Your Re:amaze Brand Identifier and Shared Secret

To locate your Re:amaze brand identifier and shared secret, follow these steps:

  1. In your Re:amaze account, click on "Settings" and then select "SMS Channels".
  2. Click on "+ Add an SMS Channel" to create a new SMS channel.


  1. Give your SMSBump channel a name then select the staff members you want to subscribe to this channel for notifications.
  2. Copy the brand identifier and paste it into the SMSBump integration settings. Similarly, copy the shared secret and paste it into SMSBump.


  1. Once you have successfully pasted both required IDs, click on "Install" to complete the integration process. You will receive a confirmation message once Re:amaze and SMSBump are successfully connected.

SMSBump Confirmation

Responding to SMSBump Chats in Re:amaze

Once the integration is complete, you can easily respond to SMSBump chats directly from Re:amaze. When customers reply to SMS campaigns sent through SMSBump, their responses will be received and displayed within Re:amaze under your SMSBump channel.

Re:amaze SMSBump Chats

Additionally, all SMSBump conversations in Re:amaze are mirrored in SMSBump, ensuring you never lose track of customer engagements.

SMSBump Conversations in Re:amaze

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