Building Push Prompts

A Push Prompt is a Re:amaze embeddable specifically for build your Push Campaign audience. Push Prompts are recommended over traditional methods of prompting users for push notifications because browsers typically only prompts website visitors once for push permissions. A Push Prompt adds another layer to the push permission request process to allow you to prompt the same visitor multiple times.

Creating Push Prompts

Go to "Settings" and then "Push Prompts". Each Brand has its own specific Push Prompt. Click into one of the Brands to start building your Push Prompt.

Push Prompt Index

Next, give your Push Prompt a Title and Message. We recommend language prompting the user to subscribe for updates, sales, feature announcements, etc. You can also customize the buttons that the user is presented with the allow push permissions or dismiss the Prompt.

You can also set the "Re-Prompt delay". When the "Dismiss Prompt Button" is selected by a customer, the Push Prompt will be dismissed without the user being prompted for push permissions. Then, the prompt will wait the set amount of hours before re-displaying to the customer when they visit your website again.

Push Prompt builder

That's it! Just save your Push Prompt and the builder will guide you through installation instructions to get the Prompt installed on your website.

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