Email Notifications

Email Notifications

Email notifications can be very useful to some but extremely annoying to many others.


If you want notifications for every single event that occurs inside Re:amaze, check the "All Messages & Events" option. If you want every notification for JUST the channels you're subscribed to, check the "Verbose for Subscribed Channels" option.

If you work out of the Re:amaze dashboard on most days, we recommend turning off email notifications

Event Email Notifications

Event notifications are email notifications sent to you when something happens in Re:amaze. They're not related to individual messages sent or received by customers and agents.

Reassign: Notify when you're assigned to a conversation

Reminders: Notify when a reminder is fired/triggered/due and you're a participant in an on-hold conversation.

Department Reassign: Notify when a department that you're a member of is assigned to a conversation.

Internal Notes: Notify when you're listed as a direct recipient of an Internal Note

Bounces: Notify when a message is bounced (undelivered due to email issue).

Message Email Notifications

Message notifications are related to messages sent and received in Re:amaze. They're different than event notifications in that these notifications will always update you on what is going on with a particular conversation.

Echos are email notifications are copies of messages that you send back to customers. If you want a copy of what you say to customers to arrive in your personal email address as Re:amaze notifications, check this option.

Participating are email notifications of message details sent to your personal email address for conversations that you're following (note recipient or clicking on the follow button in the conversation), for conversations that you have at least one response in, or if you're assigned to the conversation.

Assigned are email notifications that go to your personal email address for conversations that are assigned to you.

New Channel Conversation are email notifications that are sent to your personal email address for brand new incoming conversations.

Notification Customizations

Hide Message Content: Hide message content in the email notification (the notification will provide a link to the conversation in Re:amaze).