Participating in Conversations

Participating in conversations makes you a follower of the conversation without being involved as a recipient. You'll continue to get notifications when customer messages arrive and when staff replies go out. Participating is a great way for customer service team managers to stay involved in a conversation to help monitor response quality. You can also participate in conversations when you have plans to get involved at a later time or date.

Participants of a conversation are also those involved in a particular thread. Participants receive new messages through email and act as CCs. By default, you can add participants by composing a new message in Re:amaze and inputting email addresses in the recipients field. You can also add participants to a conversation if you reply to a message in a conversation thread through email and adding a CC address.

You can follow (participate) or unfollow (unparticipate) from conversations by checking the conversations from the main inbox and selecting the "Follow" or "Unfollow" button. This button is also available on the individual conversation view.


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