Replying to Conversations

Replying to conversations is easy! You can reply to conversations on the Re:amaze dashboard, through your email, or through the Re:amaze mobile app.

Dashboard Replies

When replying from the dashboard, Reamaze will process your request, send the message back to the customer (and other conversation recipients), send out relevant notifications to other staff members, as well as an echo to your email (if turned on) so all threads are in sync.


You have several reply commands.

  1. Reply
  2. Reply and Leave Unresolved
  3. Reply and Archive
  4. Reply and Go Back
  5. Reply and Leave Unassigned
  6. Reply and Reopen (if already resolved)
  7. Reply and Leave Unchanged

Email Replies

Replying via email is very straightforward. You can simply hit reply or reply-all, depending on your email client, and your response will be routed through Reamaze and back to the customer + staff.

You may use special syntaxes that precede your message content to control the conversation state as if you were replying via the dashboard. For example:

  • #noresolve (to reply but set the conversation in Reamaze to unresolved or open)
  • #note (to send the message as an internal note rather than a standard reply to the customer)
  • (to add an active participant into the conversation)
  • #archive (to reply and archive the conversation in Reamaze)

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