Status Page (General Information)

What is a status page?

A status page is a public facing website that helps your customer visualize your business’s performance uptime, scheduled maintenance events, unforeseen issues impacting logistics, or even bug reports and their resolution progress.

Why is a status page useful?

Reputable businesses are not afraid of transparency. In fact, studies show that customers are more than 80% more likely to trust a business and therefore buy from a business when it has a history of transparency. Having a well built out status page that is well maintained can help you reduce customer anxiety. When customers are aware that you’re aware of a problem, that’s good.

Do I need a status page for my business?

We’re firm believers that all businesses, at some point in its life, should adopt a status page to not only portray confidence but to also reduce latent customer support inquiries about specific issues that you’re already aware of or are already working to resolve.

What’s different about Re:amaze Status Page?

Re:amaze Status Page is designed to work with two main Re:amaze features: Re:amaze FAQ and Re:amaze Chat. When you publish an incident, the Status Page will appear within your Re:amaze FAQ as well as inside Re:amaze Chat.

How can I get Re:amaze Status Page?

Re:amaze Status Page is available in our Pro and Plus plans. If you’d like to add Re:amaze Status Page to your Basic Plan, please reach out to our support team for a-la-carte pricing.

For those of your on Re:amaze Pro and Plus, you’ll find your Status Page here:

Here’s what Re:amaze Status Page looks like in your FAQ:

Here’s what Re:amaze Status Page looks like in Re:amaze Chat:

Customizing your Incident colors in Re:amaze Status Page

The industry standard colors for incidents and system statuses are applied by default. You can change these colors to match your brand by going to Re:amaze Settings > Brands > Appearance Settings.

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