Customer Data Attributes

Customer data attributes are data points about your customer. The customer data attributes will be displayed under the first message of every conversation from a particular customer. Data attributes help your support team identify the customer and keep track of important characteristics about the customer.

You can add customer data attributes for customers manually or programmatically via our API.


Manual Attributes

  1. Open a customer's profile by clicking on his/her name from any conversation page or search for his/her profile from the contacts tab.
  2. On the right hand rail, you can enter a key-value pair for each attribute you wish to add. For example. "Key: Membership Status - Value: Gold".
  3. You can add as many attributes as you want/need. Previously used keys and values will be available to you in the form of a quick dropdown.

Attributes via API

When customers are authenticated you can also provide data attributes to describe the customer. These attributes will then be displayed within Reamaze under the Contacts section and along with incoming customer conversations.

This can be useful for synchronizing application specific information into Reamaze to make customer service even faster. You can also use our JSON API for server-to-server data syncing.

Read the detailed instructions here:

Using Data Attributes

Having customer data attributes in Re:amaze can be very useful:

  • Create automation workflows based on customer data attributes
  • Create workflows that automatically add data attributes to customer profiles
  • Filter contacts by customer data attributes and export them to CSV
  • Create advanced Cue rules and conditions based on customer data attributes

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