Adding an email channel in Reamaze

An email channels can be added when you need another email address to help support customers. Oftentimes, you'll already have an address you want to use. For example and and Each of those email addresses can be a channel within Reamaze.

If you don't currently have email addresses to use, creating a new email channel within Reamaze will generate an address you can use out of the box. The only difference will be vs

There are more advantages to separating your email addresses:

  1. You can route email messages more effectively by having a dedicated function for each email address. Rather than feeding everything into one inbox which can become tedious to manage, using different addresses can help organize your support volume.

  2. You can run different automation workflows out of each email channel.

  3. You can have separate notifications for each email channel.

  4. If you have one or more email channels, customers can pick which address to use to contact you while interacting with the embedded contact forms.

  5. Different staff members can keep track of different email channels.

To see instructions on how to set up your email channels, go here: