The Embed Builder

The Embed Builder is an essential tool for customizing the Reamaze Embed of your choice. Think of it as a wizard that walks you through your needs and wants when it comes to the Shoutbox, Lightbox, or Contact Form Embeds.

The Embed Builder can be found in your account under the "Settings" menu and within the "Embeddables" Settings page. There are several Embeds you can build with the Embed Builder:

  1. Contact form loaded as a Shoutbox
  2. Contact form loaded as a Lightbox
  3. Contact form loaded as an in-line embedddable
  4. FAQ loaded as a Shoutbox
  5. FAQ loaded as a Lightbox
  6. FAQ loaded directly on your webpage (in-line embedding)

You must remember to select the correct brand the embeddable is for. Otherwise, it will not load correctly and customer messages will be funneled into the wrong channels.

You can watch a video tutorial of the Embed Builder here: