How do I access my billing and payment history?

Your Re:amaze billing history keeps track of your subscription payments. Go to Settings > Payment History to see and filter your payments by date. Click on the date to open a specific invoice. If you’d like to download your invoice, right-click anywhere on the invoice page and click Print > Save as PDF.

You can also have your invoices automatically sent via email. This is a great way to make sure your accounting team receives them as soon as they're made available. To do this, simply add an email address into the "Send invoices via Email" field and click "Update."

NOTE: You can only add one email address and past invoices will not be sent.


If you would like to update the company name that appears on the invoice, you can go to Settings > Company and LegalCompany Name. Whatever you put in the "Company Name" field will be shown on your receipts. You can also add any other information you need in that field as well (ex. VAT number).

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