Re:amaze Pricing, Your Subscription Plan, and Payment Method

Re:amaze Pricing

Re:amaze pricing is found here: We currently offer 3 plans: Basic, Pro, and Plus. Billing is based on how many active staff members / agents you have in your Re:amaze account. For example, if you have 5 staff members and you've chosen the Basic Plan, your monthly total is 5 x $29 = $145 per month.

Re:amaze does not currently offer annual pricing. All pricing plans are monthly rates with no contract or obligated commitments.

Custom Plans

If our Basic, Pro, or Plus plans do not work for you because of one reason or another, please contact our support team to create a custom plan. Custom plans allow you to mix and match features from the Pro and Plus plans and add them to a Basic Plan. Custom plans are great if you and your team have very specific needs.

Volume Based Pricing

Fixed monthly charges based on a plan and a certain number of staff members are great for most businesses. However, for businesses that experience fluctuating staff counts, they might prefer not to think about staff members all the time and rather focus on their support volume.

Re:amaze can also monthly billing based on conversational volume. This "Starter Plan" starts with 500 responded conversations per month with Basic plan features. In exchange, you can have unlimited staff members. Re:amaze's volume based pricing can also be customized with a higher monthly volume cap and additional features from the Pro or Plus plan.

What is a "responded conversation"? A responded conversation is any conversation with at least one customer-facing reply from a staff user, chatbot, or workflow autoresponder.


Your Subscription Plan

You can view what subscription plan you're on by clicking on "Settings" and then "Subscription Plan" under "Plan Settings". The information displayed are as follows:


Click on the "Payment Method" option to update the credit card you have on file. It's important to keep the credit card you have on file update to prevent service interruptions. If the system is unable to process a charge, your Re:amaze account will temporarily go into a suspended mode where you can still access your conversations in read-only mode.

Issues with payment processing

There may be certain situations where payments cannot be processed:

  1. Wrong credit card number or billing address. Make sure to double check your inputs and try again.
  2. Card blocked by bank. Make sure you approve the charges by Reamaze if your credit card company reaches out about a blocked charge.

Canceling or Suspending your Re:amaze Account

You may suspend your Re:amaze account for up to 6 months without payment. While your account is suspended, everything will be in read-only mode and you cannot reply to customer conversations. However, you can always access your account to retrieve information and data you need.

To cancel your Re:amaze account, you will need to close your account explicitly. Upon closing your account, all of your account data, conversations, and contacts will be permanently deleted.

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