Re:amaze Live Dashboard

If you're on a paid Re:amaze Pro account, you have access to a powerful feature called the Live Dashboard. The Live Dashboard enables you and your team to:

  1. Visualize live website or app traffic in real-time
  2. See a list of currently online users including their local timezone, geolocation, current URL, and a list of historical activity events.
  3. Access their profiles within Re:amaze
  4. Send them a real-time message for proactive engagement

To enable Re:amaze Live Dashboard, you'll need to deploy a Re:amaze widget (also known as reamaze.js). If you're already using our Shoutbox or Lightbox chat widget, there's nothing more you need to do! You can also enable the Live Dashboard if you choose to deploy an embedded contact form or embedded FAQ.

Using the Live Dashboard

To access your Live Dashboard, simply click "Live" on the left-side navigation. In the screenshot below, you can see the total number of website visitors, their location, and the URL they're currently on.


As customers or guest users start browsing your website or app, Re:amaze Live Dashboard will start recording their identities and activities. You can message a visitor directly by clicking on the message icon located on the right side of the page, or by clicking the "Message" button on their customer profile.



When you message a visitor, they will be sent as real-time Cues and appear on your website. Recipients of messages sent from the Live Dashboard will receive a notification while they're actively browsing. Messages can be responded to through the Re:amaze Shoutbox or Lightbox.


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