Facebook: Connect a business page

Connecting a Facebook page to Reamaze

  1. Click "Settings"
  2. Choose "Social Integrations" on the left rail
  3. Choose to "+ A New Social Channel"
  4. Make sure you are logged into Facebook as the page manager and accept all permissions
  5. Check the page that you wish to manage via Reamaze and click "Done"
  6. If prompted by Facebook to switch to your personal account, go ahead and click "Switch"
  7. Once you do this, the page will connect with Reamaze

What the Facebook integration supports

The Reamaze Facebook integration supports conversations that originate from your Facebook business pages. These include:

  • Public comments and replies
  • Private messages and replies
  • Facebook Messenger messages and replies
  • Facebook Page Reviews comments and replies
  • Facebook Boostable Ads comments and replies

Working with Facebook in Reamaze

You can easily converse with your Facebook customers through the Reamaze dashboard. Responses back and forth is near instant but you should expect slightly more lag compared to responding natively on Facebook. This is due to the way the Facebook API works and the many restrictions it has. That said, most message exchanges are near real time. Simply open a Facebook conversation or navigate directly to your Facebook channel filter. When a conversation is open, you can do the following:

  • Reply to the conversation as a whole via a wall post reply
  • Reply to a specific message by clicking on the small "Reply" link underneath each specific message
  • Leave an internal note for your teammates
  • Forward the conversation to a 3rd party

You still have all the standard conversation controls such as archive, assign/reassign, remind, workflows, etc.