Social Channels (Facebook Lead Ads via Facebook Business)

Facebook Lead Ads via Facebook Business)

You can import your Facebook Lead Ads into Re:amaze as a dedicated support channel. If you currently use Facebook Lead Ads as a way to gather more contextual customer information as a means to generate more interest in your brand or product, it’s important to keep these types of customer interactions in your Re:amaze dashboard alongside other customer communications.

When connected, your Facebook Lead Ad responses will be imported into Re:amaze alongside your Facebook Page communications and Facebook Messenger conversations.

To get started with Facebook Lead Ads in Re:amaze, head on over to Re:amaze Settings > Social Channels > and click on “+ Add New Social Channel” and select the Facebook option.

Once you start the process, Re:amaze will ask you to select which accounts you’d like to connect. Simply select the Facebook Lead Ads channel!

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