Conversation Permalinks

Conversation Permalinks are running snapshots of an existing conversation that may be shared and viewed only through a secure URL. This is useful when you need to share the contents of a thread without giving access to a party reply-to privileges. You can modify the privacy setting for your Permalinks by going to "Brands" then "See all settings" and finally "Permalink privacy settings".

The following page will allow you to hide the display names of the parties involved as well as attachments if there are any. Third parties viewing via the permalink will not have access to this information.

Permalinks also comes with additional optional security and privacy settings, including redacted messages.

For example, when customers message your support team with additional 3rd parties CC’d in the email message, your reply through Re:amaze will be seen by all participants including the original sender as well as all CC’d parties.

However, when the original sender or one of the 3rd parties remove one of the participants in the middle of a conversation due to concerns over private information or other reasons, Re:amaze will block the removed parties from seeing those messages within the Permalink.

In the example below, Marvin emailed support with David in CC. Chris from support replied to both Marvin and David. Marvin then emailed Chris back after removing David from CC.

When David clicks on the Permalink for the conversation, he will no longer see what Marvin said to Chris regarding his removal because he was not directly involved.

To enable or disable this security feature, you can go to Re:amaze Settings > Brands > Edit All Settings > Permalink Privacy Settings > and uncheck the “Redact Private Messages” option.

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