Setting Reminders for Conversations

You can alert yourself or another staff member about a conversation at a future date and time by setting a reminder. This is very useful if you want need to follow up with a customer and don't want to forget about them. Conversations with active reminders will be set to an "on-hold" status and will not affect your time-based reports.

To begin, open a conversation click on the checkbox next to the conversation from the main dashboard. In the top navigation menu, click on the "Remind" button. Select the data and time you wish to be notified. The assigned staff member will receive an email notification once the conversation is set to an unresolved status again.

You can also edit a reminder that has already been set. Doing so will not change the state of the conversation (on-hold) but will update the conversation event timeline. If you need to remove a reminder on a particular conversation, simply click on the “Resolve” button within the “Edit Reminder” modal and Re:amaze will automatically remove the reminder and leave the conversation in a resolved state.

NOTE: Conversation reminder times are based on your local timezone.


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