Departments and Staff Groups

Create and add team members to a department (i.e. Engineering, Sales, etc.). With the implementation of Departments on Re:amaze, you can now reassign conversations to a Department rather than a specific person. Departments can then easily view and collaborate on conversations that are meant for them.

How to Set Up Departments

You can access Departments through Settings > Account Settings > Departments. Create and add team members to Departments. Don’t worry if your company tends to have floaters that don’t work in just one Department. Team members can be added to multiple Departments.

Reassign conversations to a specific department instead of a specific team member. Department categories will be found below individual staff members.

Receive email and mobile notifications when your department is reassigned to new conversations. You can access this through Settings > Notification Settings.

Departments will also work with Re:amaze Automated Workflows so you can automatically assign certain types of conversations to a specific department.


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