Custom Fields

You can use custom form fields to ask the customer to provide additional information before submitting their inquiry. These attributes will then be displayed within Reamaze conversations as data attributes associated with the customer.

You can also use custom form fields to insert hidden values that are contextual to the current conversation. Values can be application specific or session specific (examples: browser information, IP address, or items in cart).

There are two ways to add custom fields to your embedded contact form, Shoutbox, or Lightbox Embeds.

Using the Embed Builder

The Embed Builder found in your settings menu will support the ability for you to add custom form fields. Simply follow the wizard and add the fields you like. There are several to choose from.

  • Text Field (Free form text and numbers entry. Great for entering comments, phone numbers, etc).
  • Dropdown Field (Pre-filled selections. Great for having customers pick from a few options).
  • Checkbox Field (A checkbox that can be defaulted to checked or unchecked. Great for enrolling people in newsletters for example).
  • Hidden Field (Custom parameters where you can tell the Embed to track where the user was when he/she contacted you).

You can add as many custom fields as you see fit but we recommend a maximum number of 3.

Using Developer Docs to Edit the JavaScript

If you're fairly savvy with code, you can choose to follow the instructions listed at to edit the JavaScript directly. This option produces the same results as using the Embed Builder.

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