Any successful eCommerce business will tell you that one of the ingredients to success is repeat customers. Having the ability to engage shoppers, convert shoppers, and reward loyal shoppers is a crucial. Unsurprisingly, many merchants already do this by writing personalized thank-you letters, attaching a free gift to the order, or implementing some type of points system based on order value. is a rewards platform built specifically for eCommerce businesses and helps merchants scale their customer loyalty like never before. Currently, the Smile platform powers over 20,000 brands across the globe and rewards their customers for completing profitable actions. According to Smile,

“Reward programs are the perfect way to jumpstart the emotional, reciprocal relationship between your brand and your customers. That’s because they give customers additional value in the form of free products, special events, or discounts for engaging with your store.” –

How it works with Re:amaze

The Smile integration for Re:amaze is designed to bring all of your Shopify or BigCommerce customers’ rewards data into your Re:amaze conversations. Having instant access to Smile customer data means you’ll be able to provide intelligent responses based on their points balance, VIP status, and more.

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