ChannelReply: How-To

To start using ChannelReply with Re:amaze, you’ll need to have active accounts on both platforms. In ChannelReply, start by going to your CRM settings and select “Choose Re:amaze”.

Follow the on-screen instructions provided by ChannelReply to complete the integration. What you'll need:

  • Your Re:amaze subdomain name
  • Login email
  • Re:amaze API token
  • Re:amaze shared SSO secret

The most important step here is to copy and paste the URL ChannelReply provides at the end into the Custom Module field in your Re:amaze account:

Connecting a Marketplace to Re:amaze

If you don’t already have a marketplace connected in ChannelReply, your next step will be to do this. Channel reply integrates with Etsy, Amazon, Shopify, etc., but in this example, we’ll use eBay. Don’t worry, ChannelReply makes it simple to follow along.

Start by going to Marketplaces in your ChannelReply account and you’ll be asked to select which Re:amaze channel you want to send your eBay (or Amazon or Walmart) messages to.

Next you’ll need to authenticate into your eBay account.

You’ll see this confirmation once you’ve completed the set up process!

Receiving and Responding to Marketplace Messages

Once everything is connected customer messages from marketplaces will now arrive in Re:amaze! Here’s an example:

To see a more detailed list of setup instructions please read ChannelReply’s article here. Here’s also a visual guide on how to set everything up:

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