ReCharge Payments: How To

Our integration with ReCharge Payments allows you to easily see a customer's ReCharge Payments profile, subscription status, payment history, next charge date, subscribed products, and other important subscription data directly within Re:amaze conversations.

This allows your customer service agents to quickly and easily access customer profiles and make high level changes such as activating or deactivating a subscription without having to manually dig around in two different apps.


Connecting ReCharge

Connecting ReCharge is as simple as navigating to your Re:amaze app listings page. Go to Settings > Apps & Integrations. Select ReCharge from the list of integrations. On the next page, simply click the "Connect now" button.

NOTE: If you're a non-Pro ReCharge user, you can only connect ReCharge to Re:amaze from the Re:amaze side using this method.


If you're not already logged into your Shopify account, clicking on "Connect" will take you through to ReCharge's authentication process so you can log into your Shopify store.

Alt Text

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Once you've authenticated into your Shopify account, you'll be taken back to your Re:amaze account to finish the setup.

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