Octane AI: How-To

With Octane AI, Shopify merchants can boost revenue using a customer-friendly Facebook Messenger bot. From cart recovery to follow-up messages and answering questions, Octane AI covers various aspects of customer engagement.

What you can do with Octane
  • See a history of the chatbot's conversation with the customer when it gets escalated to your support team
  • Respond directly to the customer from Re:amaze following the chatbot's interaction
  • See all Octane chatbot's resolved (closed) conversations with customers in Re:amaze's Bot Resolved filter
Connecting Octane AI

If you're already using Octane AI for Shopify, all you need to do is connect your Facebook Messenger account to Re:amaze alongside your Shopify account. Because Octane AI is already handling your bot-driven messages, it'll work with Re:amaze without further customization.

It is recommended that you set Octane AI as the a primary receiver for your Facebook page (not Re:amaze). This will allow Octane to respond to incoming conversations before you handle them on your Re:amaze Inbox. These settings can be found in your Facebook Page by going to Settings > Advanced Messaging > Messenger Receiver.

Primary Receiver Settings

Avoiding Issues

When you have Octane AI's chatbot serving your Messenger channel, Re:amaze will automatically keep conversations resolved if the bot responds with any message. Conversely, Re:amaze will leave the conversation as unresolved if the bot does not respond.

Make sure your bots do not send any autoresponder messages that don't drive the conversation to a resolution. This can leave conversations in a resolved state even though the customer is still awaiting a response from a human.

This means you should avoid using a third-party bot as an autoresponder (e.g. "Thanks, we'll get back to you soon"). Instead, you should use Messenger's built-in autoresponder capability, which Re:amaze can detect and leave the conversation in the appropriate state.

Here's an example of bot drive conversations that can come into Re:amaze:

Works with Re:amaze

Customer: question
Bot: something
Customer: Talk to human (via quick reply)

Does not work with Re:amaze

Customer: question
Bot: something
Customer: Talk to human (via quick reply)
Bot: Okay

If the chatbot responds after a quick reply button, such as "Okay", Messenger will leave the conversation in a resolved state, preventing it from getting escalated to your Re:amaze support team inbox.

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