Will Re:amaze impact the performance of my website?

This is a very common question among website owners, so we've decided to clear the air. The short answer is no, Re:amaze.js does not impact your website's performance. For a more detailed explanation on how Re:amaze.js works relative to your website's load speed, read below:

The Basics

Re:amaze.js (referring to any Re:amaze embedded chat widget, embedded Cues, embedded FAQ, or embedded contact form) will not impact the performance or load speed of your site. Please keep in mind that script "size" has very little to do with "load speed". This is because scripts can be loaded asynchronously. And Re:amaze.js actually does load asynchronously (it has the async attribute on it) and thus does not slow down your site at all. This is known as "non-blocking" script. This also means that Re:amaze widgets load AFTER the rest of your site has loaded. During this load time, the user can browse and interact with your site

Using Tools to Diagnose

Third party speed analysis tools (like GTMetrix or PageSpeed) are overly conservative to give you as many warnings as possible, but your installation of Re:amaze.js will not slow down your site nor will it negatively impact your SEO rankings, which are the two things that people really care most about.

If you do use a tool like GTMetrix, you can click on the "Waterfall" tab to view the details. It lists everything in order of loading. GTMetrix has also published a guide for how to read the waterfall: https://gtmetrix.com/blog/how-to-read-a-waterfall-chart-for-beginners/. You want to improve loading times of everything before the green line.

In most cases, Re:amaze.js loads much later on the page, when your page is already fully interactive (after the red line). This means it has no impact on site performance and speed.

Our JavaScript

Our Javascript files are also the smallest among other comparable scripts in the same industry and we pay a lot of attention to minimizing the size of it. You won't find many chat providers with smaller scripts.

You can contact us at support@reamaze.com and let us know what specific analysis you're running and we'd be happy to take a look as well to help you with interpreting the results if you need an extra pair of eyes on it. If you're noticing slowness, there may be something else that's causing it that's unrelated to Re:amaze.

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