Quick Responses

What is a Quick Response?

Quick Responses are basically buttons or pre-written options for your customer to choose from when interacting with a Cue. They provide an easy way for customers to respond Cues and help your agents understand their exact intent.

When building a Cue, make sure that you select "Quick Response" from the "Button Type" dropdown.


You can add multiple Quick Response buttons to your Cue and see a preview of it on the right-hand side of this page. This example Cue is for site abandonment and will give customers the option to speak with an agent to receive a discount if they click the "Sounds good!" Quick Response.


Using Cues with Workflows

You can further automate your Cues by using them with Workflows. If you're not familiar with Workflows, check out this article to learn more.

For example, you can route customer responses to specific teams or staff members based on the Quick Response they select. You can do this by building a Workflow that uses a "Cue Message" condition. See example below:


a Customer message arrives


Cue Message Contains: "Sounds good!"


Assign Conversation to: "Sales"

With these conditions, anytime a customer clicks the "Sounds good!" Quick Response button from the Site Abandonment Cue, they'll be automatically routed to the sales team so they can receive their discount code.


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