Chatbots (Hello Bot, FAQ Bot, Order Bot)

Re:amaze Pre-Built Chatbots

You can enable pre-built Re:amaze Chatbots to help with frontline customer service. Chatbots can help with common customer frustrations and can get simple things answered quickly or retrieve relevant FAQ articles.

For example, when a customer asks a common shipping question, a chatbot can easily understand the context and provide an FAQ article explaining your shipping policies. If a customer wants to know how they can place an international order, a chatbot is uniquely suited to provide a quick answer to that. And even if a customer is asking how they can talk to a human, the chatbot can easily escalate the request to your support team.

By allowing a simple conversational bot to take over these frontline questions and concerns, you can significantly reduce the number of resources needed to satisfy customers.

Re:amaze currently offers 3 pre-built Chatbots:

Hello Bot

Hello Bot can automatically respond to customers when a short, non-descriptive, message is detected and ask customers to provide more details. The Hello Bot is designed to handle the first response in asking for more details and can dramatically increase customer service efficiency.

Order Bot

The Order Bot can automatically detect when a customer is asking a question related to order status or looking for an order update. Our latest statistics show that over 30% of all eCommerce conversations through live chat are related to checking on orders. Things such as:

  • Where’s my order?
  • When will my order ship?
  • Can you help me check on my order?
  • Please provide me the tracking number for an order I placed yesterday!
  • Has my order shipped yet?

Re:amaze’s Order Bot will be able to assist your customers with common questions like this, saving your team countless hours of resources! When the Order Bot is enabled, it will be able to read and understand the customer’s request to the best of its abilities (NLU isn’t perfect after all) and reply with updates from their latest order.

If customers wish to check for another order status, they can respond back to the Order Bot, provide the same email + a different order number or a different email + a number order.

The Order Bot’s current reply settings can be changed and updated through text customization by going to Re:amaze Settings > Automation > Chatbots > Edit > Customize Bot Messaging.



The FAQ Bot can automatically suggest relevant FAQ articles based on the customer’s initial and follow-up inquiry. The FAQ Bot utilizes machine learning to surface articles that it feels would help customers the most. Over time, the FAQ Bot learns from customer feedback in the form of simple “Yes” or “No” responses as to whether or not the suggestions were helpful. The FAQ Bot’s sole purpose is to extend the power and usability of your Re:amaze FAQ. By introducing well documented articles with important keywords and meta data, the FAQ Bot will be able to better help customers.

To enable the Hello Bot and FAQ Bot, go to Settings > Chat Bots.


How do Re:amaze Chatbots work together?

Re:amaze Chatbots, including the Hello Bot, the Order Bot, and the FAQ Bot can be turned on individually depending on the specific experience you wish to give customers.

The sequence in which each chatbot fires will depend on the order you designate in your chatbots menu. In the screenshot below, the Hello Bot will have top priority and greet customers when they do not provide enough content. Once the Hello Bot has been satisfied, the Order Bot will step in and attempt to help the customer with the order. Once the Order Bot is exhausted, the FAQ Bot will continue to help the customer with relevant FAQ articles that might help answer their question.


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