Loop: How-To

What is Loop?

is a return management platform that grows with your brand and makes returns stress-free. Loop allows your customers to initiate returns online, tracks returned items, and facilitates communication between you and your customers throughout the return journey. By connecting your Loop account to Re:amaze, you can easily search for returns in the right-rail of your customer conversations.

Connecting Loop

To get started, you will first need to retrieve your API key from your Loop account.

  • Log into Loop and navigate to Settings > Developers.
  • On this page, simply copy your API key. If you don't have an API key present, click "Generate API Key" then copy it.


  • Now log into your Re:amaze account and navigate to Settings > Apps & Integrations and select Loop from the list of apps.


  • Paste your API Key into the "Loop API Key" field. Scroll to the bottom of the page and simply click "Save Credentials." Now your Loop account has been successfully connected to Re:amaze!


Now that your Loop account is connected to Re:amaze, you will see a Loop return/order ID search within the right-rail of your customer conversations, as pictured below:


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