Opening a FAQ article in a Lightbox

You can make FAQ articles more easily accessible to your customers and users by linking to them directly via a lightbox.
This can be done by adding data-kb-url="absolute-or-relative-url-of-article" or data-kb-article="article-slug" for a specific article, or data-kb-topic="topic-slug" to link to a particular FAQ topic.

FAQ Popup

For example, if you are an online fashion retailer, you might want your customers to view size charts for your products. Instead of creating a traditional link that brings your users to the size chart FAQ article, you could create a link that opens up the size chart kb article in a lightbox instead via any one the following HTML elements (assuming the FAQ article's url is

<a href="javascript:;" data-kb-url="/articles/size-chart">Size Chart</a>

<a href="javascript:;" data-kb-url="">Size Chart</a>

<a href="javascript:;" data-kb-article="size-chart">Size Chart</a>