Managing your Reamaze email channel settings

Everything about your email channel can be customized to your liking. To start, head over to your "Settings" menu and then click on "Email Channels". Let's go over what each of the settings options means.

At the settings screen, we give you a list of at-a-glance settings that are enabled or disabled for your email channel.

Reamaze.js Visibility

This settings tells you if this email channel is currently visible to the public on your Reamaze embeddable contact forms. By default, if you only have one channel for a specific brand, it will be enabled. If you have more than one channel for a particular brand, you can choose whether or not to enable it. If you do enable a channel for Reamaze.js, customers will be able to pick from a list of email channels to use to contact you.


If you're not using auto forwarding (connecting via your own email address), this will show you the address that Reamaze assigned you when you created the email channel. For example, If you are using your own address and have auto forwarding turned on, we'll show you the connect email address. For example,

Spam Filtering

Spam filtering is off by default. If you wish to turn it on, you may do so by clicking into the settings menu and enabling it. Once spam filtering is turned on, we will do our best to block incoming spam messages. You will also then be able to manually marks something as spam.


You may add an autoresponder to your email channels. The autoresponder can automatically reply to a customer if you're not in the office or temporarily unavailable due to office hour limitations. If you wish to turn on the autoresponder, click into the settings menu, enable it and create a default message. You can also choose to limit the autoresponder to fire only between certain hours.

Alternatively, you can also have your autoresponder message and settings follow your office hours. When you're inside of office hours, email autoresponders will turn off. When you're outside of office ours, email autoresponders will turn off. You can edit your office hours by going to "Settings" > "Messaging" > "Office Hours".

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Custom SMTP

Reamaze handles sending email to clients by default. If you'd like to use your own SMTP Server to manage deliverability, you can enable this. Once you enable this setting, we'll ask you to fill out some fields to set this up properly. This is not something most people will need.


The Reamaze assistant can help you auto resolve conversations that have been sitting around for long periods of time. You can read about the announcement here: By default, the assistant will help you auto resolve a conversation in 30 days if there has been no staff replies.