Re:amaze Shoutbox / Chatbox Contact Modes

Installing the Re:amaze Shoutbox or Chatbox can be one of the most beneficial tools you can add to your website or web app, giving customers an easy way to leave you a message at a click of a button. But did you know that your Shoutbox or Chatbox can be configured to deliver different experiences in the form of customizable contact form modes?

In short, the process in which a message is submitted to your team by a customer begins with a form. This form can ask customers to ALWAYS provide their name and email address. It can also allow guest users (customers who don't provide their name and email) to send you a message. It can also be configured to automatically follow your office hour settings so it only asks for name and email information when you're out of office. And lastly, it can change itself to a traditional contact form where you can populate the form with various form fields to collect a wide range of information.

This is all done by customizing your Shoutbox or Chatbox under Re:amaze Settings > Website Integrations > Embeddables > Edit. Let's take a look:

Always Requiring Name and Email

Alt Text

Requiring customers to always provide their name and email ensures that you'll always know who you're talking to even if they're not logged in. This presents a slightly higher barrier of entry and a little bit more hassle for customers who're apprehensive about provide you their contact information. Customers will not be able to submit their message unless they provide their name and email. The upside is that you're guaranteed to have data for bolstering your email marketing efforts.

Require Name and Email When You're Out of Office

Alt Text

When you and your staff are within working hours, it might be perfectly acceptable to talk to guest users who don't provide their name and email. This is because the conversation can be very active and customers might end up giving your their name and email afterwards. But what happens when you're out of office and still want to collect their name and email just in case? Switch to this contact mode so Re:amaze can automatically ask for their name and email when you step away.

Don't Require Name and Email But Ask For it Later

Alt Text

If your team feels good about talking to guest users and giving the option to not provide their name and email, you can switch to this contact mode. This contact mode is the least aggressive and allows customers to send you messages even if you don't know who they are. After the message has been submitted, Re:amaze will always give them to option to provide their name and email. The upside is more customer conversations at the expense of slightly visibility into who these customers are.

Traditional Contact Form

The traditional contact form is about as, well, traditional as you can get. With this mode, you can customize exactly what customers need to fill out before they can contact you. This contact mode feels more like an email rather than a chat experience and may be perfect for situations and scenarios where you absolutely need more information from the customer.



If customers are logged in to your storefront or web app and authenticated with Re:amaze SSO (added automatically for Shopify and BigCommerce merchants), then customers will not need to provide their name and email.