Connecting a WhatsApp number

We currently support connecting WhatsApp via Twilio. With our WhatsApp integration, you can now receive WhatsApp messages from your customers and respond to them all from inside Re:amaze.

Get Started

In order to use Twilio for WhatsApp, you first need a WhatsApp Business Profile. WhatsApp is currently limiting access to profiles during their API’s limited availability stage, and WhatsApp Business Profiles must be associated with a Twilio number. To find out more about Twilio and WhatsApp, click here

Creating a WhatsApp Channel in Re:amaze

1. In your Re:amaze dashboard, go to Settings -> Social Channels, and add a WhatsApp Channel

2. Enter your Account SID and Auth Token, which you can find in your Twilio dashboard.

3. Enter the WhatsApp-enabled phone number that you would want to connect to Re:amaze

4. Save

Update Settings in Twilio so Re:amaze can receive WhatsApp messages

1. In your Twilio account, go to Programmable SMS -> WhatsApp -> Senders

2. For the WhatsApp Number, click Configure

3. Copy into the "A Message Comes In" field, and save

You can now receive messages that come in to your Twilio WhatsApp number, as well as reply to customers via Re:amaze.


For any questions or if you need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us at or by clicking on the ? button on the left menu on your Re:amaze dashboard