Getting Started with Reamaze Live Chat

Reamaze Live Chat

Adding live chat to your business is a big deal. It's an amazing sign of growth and the cornerstone of having a customer-centric service culture. Here at Reamaze, not only do we want to make that experience simple and integrated but we want to make sure your customers experience something seamless and intuitive. As with all Reamaze beta features in the past, Reamaze Live Chat will be an ongoing product that thrives on your feedback. Let's get started.

Character Introductions

Chris Dunnan - Customer Service Guru at Daffy Widgets
Rodina Swanson - A loyal customer with a question that needs answering

Getting Started

Enabling Reamaze Live Chat

If you've already signed up for Reamaze Live Chat you'll want to head over to the "Settings" page to find a brand new section.

Select "Chat" and the page should refresh to reveal more chat settings.

Check the box to enable chat and set the number of seconds you wish to have customers wait before telling them that all your agents are currently busy. During this time, your agents will need to monitor incoming notifications to properly serve active chat customers.

Live Chat Dashboard and Active Notifications

After you've enabled chat, head on over to the dashboard. Your live chat status and activities are shown on the bottom right hand corner. When a new chat request comes in the status indicator will blink and pulsate. Clicking on the status indicator will allow you to temporarily turn off Live Chat without having to do it from the settings menu.

Remember to turn on the relevant notifications for your staff. Reamaze Live Chat utilizes desktop notifications with sound. When you're not actively looking at the window, new chat requests will notify you in a timely fashion.

Clicking on the "Chats" dial in the charms bar will take you to the "Chats" channel very much like your email or social media channels. Live chat requests will come in through here. You are able to view all queued requests, live requests, and requests that have already ended.


We all need a bathroom break once in a while -- agents don't need to be online all the time! Reamaze Live Chat supports on-the-fly status changes. Simply click the status indicator to temporarily stop Live Chat. Reamaze is also smart enough to detect when no agents are available and turn off Live Chat by itself.

The Live Chat Dialogue

All chats begin with your customer. After integrating Reamaze Live Chat into your app or website, your customers will have the option to interact with you via email or chat. When you set Live Chat to active, the option to send a message as "Chat" will appear.

When the chat request arrives, it will be allocated to your chats channel for service much like a new email request. The status indicator will pulsate for 90 seconds. If an agent does not serve the chat request, the customer will be notified. More on that later.

As the agent replying, a persistent indicator will remind you that the conversation is indeed LIVE. You will still have access to all pertinent customer information to ensure a pleasant customer experience. Simply start/continue typing to alert the customer that you're there.

As you type, the customer will be alerted that you're currently composing a reply. The alert will remain active for 15 seconds after you stop typing. This gives you and the customer some breathing room to collect your thoughts without disturbing the LIVE experience.

Likewise, when the customer is typing a message, you will be alerted to perhaps wait for their reply.

When your message is sent, the customer will receive your reply highlighted in yellow. He or she can "Appreciate" your every reply, maximizing your potential to amaze this customer.

Ending a Reamaze Live Chat

Ending a chat conversation is as simple as clicking on "End Chat". After you have resolved the customer request, Reamaze Live Chat offers you many more options to expand upon an amazing customer experience.

The best option here is to convert the live chat conversation into a static conversation like email. The agent in charge can then easily follow up with the customer on what has been talked about. You can even recategorize the conversation to make sure it goes to the right place.

Upon the end of a chat, the customer will also have several options to continue their interaction. The permalinked conversation ensures their access to a conversation history that is not only permanent but also accessible.

The customer can also choose to email him/herself a copy of the chat transcript for safe-keeping.

The Curious Case of the Unavailable Agent

In case all agents are busy, the customer will be notified after 90 seconds (or however long you designate) that an agent is currently unavailable.

Instead of leaving the customer with no choice but to abandon their request, they are offered a chance to turn the chat conversation into a regular support conversation. An email is sent on their behalf to your default email channel so your agent can follow up with the customer when he/she returns.