Managing your brands

Brands are the centerpiece of your Reamaze account. Everything you will setup in the future will be associated with a unique brand.

Reamaze is a multi-brand capable platform. That means you can easily create and manage several different business operations, business stores, or business identities using one paid Reamaze account. Multi-brand is especially helpful since each brand has its own unique settings, its own email and social media channels, its own Help Site and FAQ, etc.

For example, if you're looking to deploy two versions of any of the Reamaze Embeds, multi-brand is also the way to go because you'll have 100% control over the customer experience in terms of customizing the embeds.

To add or manage a brand, click on the "Settings" menu button on the main dashboard. Select the first option titled "Brands". From there, you can "Add a brand" or click any of the existing brands to edit.

Within each brand's settings page, you can do the following:

  1. Edit the appearance of your Reamaze Embed in terms of header styling, header color, font styling, and much more.

  2. Enabling and disabling the specific brand's Help Site. The Help Site hosts content from your FAQ. Once your Help Site has been enabled, you can edit its styling just like your Reamaze Embed.

  3. Customize all customer-facing prompts under "Text Customization". Reamaze doesn't support internationalization but you're free to customize the text in any language of your choice.

  4. Advanced settings such as customizing your Help Site's header and footer, setting up custom domain for your Help Site, and adding in custom analytics for your FAQ.