Shopify Visual Integration Walkthrough

It’s time to Shopify! Shopify is absolutely one of our favorite eCommerce platforms out there today. It’s brilliantly easy to use, immensely robust, and wonderfully accessible in terms of what you want to get out of your business. With Reamaze for Shopify you’ll be able to sync relevant customer data, integrate our JavaScript Shoutbox Embed, and bring the Reamaze interface into your Shopify dashboard with a few simple clicks. We’ll also teach you some more advanced toggles so you can customize Reamaze to your heart’s content.

Let’s get started.

NOTE: To implement the default Reamaze Shoutbox embed for your "Checkout" or "Thank You" pages, go to Shopify Admin -> Settings -> Checkout (Order Processing section's additional scripts box), add the following code:

var _support = _support || { 'ui': {}, 'user': {} }; 
_support['ui']['widget'] = false;